Thursday, 14 November 2013

Trend - Combining patterns

Patterns are an absolute 'must have' in modern interiors.
different patterns within a certain space can be a challenge. The visual effect can either be amazing or overwhelming. It is good to take into consideration both pattern and colour while designing a room. Here are some simple tips:

Start with one piece of furniture (e.g armchair) or an object in the room (e.g. carpet, curtain) with a strong pattern and complement it with an accessory (e.g. cushion, tablecloth) 
in a more delicate pattern

Different shades of the same colour can make a beautiful compositionas well as mixing 
together complimentary colours.

It is important to leave some space in white or in a neutral colour. That brings a sense of calmness among the patterns and creates a balance, allowing our eyes to rest.

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